Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ron Paul on NAFTA and CAFTA and 900-page Free Trade Agreements

Someone (who will remain nameless...heh heh heh) emailed me asking how I can be a Ron Paul fan when Dr. Paul opposes many of our Free Trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA.

Click here to go to a great Reddit discussion of the same topic. Here's the first entry.....

Because NAFTA and CAFTA are not free trade agreements.
They are just named "free trade agreements".
If I named myself "Mr. Rape Victim Helper", yet I go around raping people, am I for or against rape?

And later on....

A free trade agreement should fit in a paragraph.
NAFTA and CAFTA are hundreds of pages of regulations.

I still like NAFTA and CAFTA, just because they eliminate some of the protectionist B.S.
And I'm not naive enough to believe that the good Dr. Paul might be protecting his own backside with some of his votes, and using the impurity of the agreements as a cover.
But it does make you wonder why something called a "Free Trade Agreement" has to be 900 pages long.

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Dr Ralph said...

As they say, the devil's in the details.