Monday, July 13, 2009

A Proposal That The White House Staff Take Some Time Off. A Few Years If Necessary.

According to The Washington Post, The White House Staff are working themselves to death.

Political Washington has long fostered a workaholic culture, the expectation that the rewards of service on the big stage of national government come with 18-hour, on-call days. But even the most hardy of Obama's staff members are beginning to recognize the toll that the pace is taking.

The grueling schedule has forced most of the presidential aides to abandon physical exercise, and the few who persist -- often because of incessant goading from their fitness-fixated commander in chief -- have planned their workouts at times that stretch their schedules even further.

Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel arrives at the House of Representatives gym at 5:30 a.m.; his top aide, Sarah Feinberg, starts her workout at a Water Street gym at 5:15 a.m. By 5:30 a.m., the White House Bulletin -- a compilation of political clippings from newspapers and Web sites -- appears in inboxes and on BlackBerrys, demanding attention. By 7 a.m., West Executive Drive between the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building is filled with staffers' cars.

In the meantime, The Teleprompter Jesus has admitted that despite putting aside more than 750 billion dollars for cronies, patronage, make-work projects and featherbedding in an insane rush to pass a stimulus bill, an act that put our great-grandchildren into debt, unemployment will soon reach double digits.

The workaholics at Pennsylvania Avenue have managed to hit a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR Federal deficit for the first time ever. And we're only 9 months into the fiscal year.

Much has been written on these pages and elsewhere about Congress not having time to read the thousands of pages of legislation that Owebama is throwing their way.

In the meantime, nobody is hiring. My employer, Jukt Micronics, is laying people off. There are empty chain stores and warehouses everywhere you look.

Why? Mostly because nobody knows what insane stunt The Messianic Saviors Of Us All are going to pull next. Expanding a business, or starting a business, requires a somewhat stable environment.

But look what's coming down from Washington: the Employee Free Choice Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act, a host of potential Global Warming Global Cooling Climate Change legislation designed to punish all carbon-based life forms except those which have devolved into inorganic matter. In their free time, they're working on socialized medicine, and then working night shifts at the printing presses churning out ever more worthless dollars to pay for all this crap.

This is NOT a good way to encourage people to start hiring.

That gets us to the final question, one I've seen in anti-smoking ads aimed at tobacco executives....

Don't you White House guys ever take a day off?

Please. Think of your wives, husbands and kids. (And everyone else's. They might want to spend some money on their own one day.)

Every link in this post was shamelessly ripped off from Hot Air. Pics of workaholics came from here and here and here.

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Anne Cleveland said...

Your writings just get better and better, everytime I read them. Posting the pictures so apropo.

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