Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop the "Art Critique Law" ! ! ! ! ! !

Procrustes and Company over at State Of Protest are rallying voters to stop the "Art Critique" law before it passes.

Email the White House ASAP, and urge President Obama not to sign this legislation ! !

Then read the comments.


Dr Ralph said...

Amusing...but first paragraph in I thought, this is bogus. Then I scrolled to the bottom and saw it was posted under "satire."

Uh huh.

That you were so easily taken in at first glance says something about your political paranoia. Someone should send Rush Limburger a link; the resulting bloviating would be amusing.

Procrustes said...

It's not political paranoia when it's based on true events, set in satire to show how idiotic the facts are. Imagine changing "art critique" with "religious criticism." That's the fact right now in Ireland, and it's being constantly proffered at the UN. Fortunately, we've had the wherewithal to boycott it, but I'm betting that if we were still in the previous administration, things would be different.

There should be no law protecting one's right not to be offended, for it will destroy someone else's right to speak freely.

This shit is scary that people are actually passing such laws. No paranoia required.

Rob said...

How ironic that the political and legal realities in this country have become so absurd that it is difficult to distinguish "real" news from the "satire" news. The Onion, for example, frequently seems as plausible these days as the crap reported on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Dr Ralph said...

Procrustes: since my formal training is as an artist, I never got past that point on your post. Never assume your readers are as clever as you are.

In this country we take the right to be offended much more seriously than the right to offend.

Rob: consider the fact that the Daily Show and Colbert Report often do better reporting than "real" news shows.