Thursday, January 28, 2010

For a brief moment, Chris Matthews was able to forget that Obama is black

I've found myself watching MSNBC more and more. As stated earlier, it has been like discovering a sophisticated culture that hasn't discovered The Wheel. I'm fascinated by the mindset there.
Where else but MSNBC can you find stuff like this?

How did Obama change Matthews' perceptions? By being articulate? Not wearing his pimp suit? Voluntarily leaving all his bitches and Ho's back at the crib for the State Of The Union?

I'm from an area known as The Most Southern Place On Earth. I've heard some racist statements in my time. This was one of them. Good lord in heaven, can you imagine if Bill O'Reilly or even Larry King had said this?

One last thing on the State Of The Union.... Have you ever heard such a clumsy mishmash of bewildering wealth transfers? We're going to take away the stuff we earlier gave to the unpopular group (banks) and give it back to the larger group (you) in the form of a popular goal (free healthcare) that has an unpopular form (Obamacare)?
We're going to give tax breaks to small businesses (good) and working families (good) and pay for it by taxing large businesses (bad) the same way we always have, and eliminate tax loopholes for people who don't poll well (bad)?
It just went on and on and on. The Bush tax cuts (bad) created this mess, so we're going to enact more tax cuts (good). If we could only find the perfect theft ratio, our problems would be solved.

I haven't thought of Obama as black in a long, long time. Race is irrelevant.
There are other, more descriptive adjectives available.


Stephen M. Smith said...

Maybe he was distracted by the thrill going up his leg again.

Harper said...

Shouldn't Matthews be issuing a correction to that statement? "I was able to forget that Obama is half-black". If the left is going to get away with blatant racist remarks, they should at least be accurate.

Dan Hawkins said...

That's funny. Matthews forgot Obama was black for an hour; I forgot Obama was President for an hour. I thought a President was supposed to unite the country behind the common good, not criticize other equal branches of government (the Supreme Court) and continue to push his socialist agenda which, after the Scott Brown election, the people of this country have plainly rejected. But I guess Obama thinks he and the government can spend my money and make my critical life decisions better than I can...

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I just can't NOT think of this video whenever statements like "for one brief shining moment, he didn't seem all Black and stuff" are made by progressive smart thinkers, like Chris Matthews.

Enjoy yet again.