Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three cheers for Hillary Clinton. Seriously.

This hurts me to do.
This is causing actual, physical pain. My teeth hurt, and my toes are curling under.
But, hey, credit must be given where credit is due.
Here is Michael Malone, of Pajamas Media, writing about She Whose Name Is Not Spoken. She has done a truly worthwhile thing, a thing that needed doing for my friends in China.

Two cheers for Google and Secretary of State Clinton.
Last week we saw Google publicly complain about China’s growing censorship of the Internet – and worse, cyber-attacks on Google’s search engine that were, in all likelihood, backed by the Chinese government. The search engine giant went so far as to threaten to leave the Chinese market if these concerns weren’t addressed.
Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a speech carried on the State Department web site, declared that unrestricted access to the Internet would become a top priority for the Administration – and directed sharp criticism at a number of countries around the world, notably Egypt and its recent arrest of 30 bloggers, for the recent spike in Internet censorship around the world.
But she gave special emphasis to China, now with the world’s largest number of Web users, calling on that government “to conduct a thorough review of the cyber intrusions that led Google to make its announcement. And we also look for that investigation and its results to be transparent.”
Secretary Clinton built her case on what might be called the “Three Internet Freedoms”:
1. The right of all peoples to have access to an uncensored Internet.
2. The right of individuals to exercise free speech on the Internet
3. The right of businesses and other organizations to have access to uncensored information on the Internet in order to compete fairly.

Pretty impressive stuff, actually, and one showing a level of understanding about technology that one rarely encounters inside the Beltway. Kudos to Secretary Clinton for stepping up, in an era of kowtowing to dictators, for human freedom and (in the case of those Egyptian bloggers) liberty.....

Hit that link to read the whole thing.
Even A Blind Hog Can Find An Acorn Every Now And Then
Three cheers for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for standing up to the Chinese government.

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I love your not-so-masked grumbling.... like my clenched teethed praise of Obama's once in a lifetime respect of the Tenth Amendment re: calling off DEA raids in state approved medical marijuana dispensaries a few months back. Way to go, President Obama - hope it's not the last time ever. And, (vomits a little in mouth), urp, good show, Madame Secretary.