Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John Stossel this Thursday night. Set your Tivo NOW.

Go to your Tivo.
Go to FoxBusiness.
Go to Thursday night at 8:00 p.m.
Set yer machine to record "Stossel".
It will be the long-awaited Ayn Rand hour.

I suspect that a good portion of the show will be spent treating "Atlas Shrugged" as if it were one of the prophetic works of Nostradamus. Go here for some preliminaries and a poll on who represents whom.

IMAO, if we're going to cast the novel with contemporary characters, Wesley Mouch is a good stand-in for Comrade Barney Frank.
As of January 2010, Orren Boyle represents the United States insurance industry, which is about to get a huge boost to its client base.
Dr. Robert Stadler, the man with great promise who became a sellout? Let's go with former Rand disciple Alan Greenspan.
For John Galt, let's go with my own Texas-based employer, who recently decided to open another warehouse someplace in the U.S., took a long, long look at the Statist mayhem in California, said Screw That, and opened up a warehouse on the North Carolina/Virginia border. That's not quite "Going Galt", but it does send the message that Elections Have Consequences.


Clay Barham said...

From her works, it is apparent Ayn Rand admired the courageous pebble-droppers, the nails standing above the boardwalk that ruling elite might trip over, who challenged the established and accepted way things were done. It was the creative, imaginative individuals who followed a dream, a vision of some better way of living that she wrote about, not the socialist taker who envied the creative few even when enjoying the benefits of the pebble-dropper’s efforts. This was her focus. All other ingredients haters add to the interpretation of Ayn Rand’s ideas are simply mud to cloud the water. Whether she was atheist or Jewish, anti-Christian or self-centered means nothing. She believed she was OK and others, as individuals, were potentially OK as well, but herds were led by the few who would limit individuals and take from those who have to share with those who have not, and they and their leaders were not OK. Those who violently oppose Rand are the ones who want to retain the Old World ideals of a few elite ruling the many, as is being reintroduced to America by the Obama forces.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Well, maybe.