Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama picks his nose on live TV

I think it went into his ear. I'm just glad he didn't eat it.

Update from 2/27/10, after receiving lots and lots and lots of email, much of it angry, about why I would post this video. 
Remember Jon Stewart's "Moment Of Zen" feature, where he would show a silly video clip of something pointless?  Or, a high percentage of the time, George W. Bush trying to open a locked door, or making a silly face? 
Do you think Stewart will show this one? 

One other reason to post videos of Obama picking his nose.....  People think he's special, or brilliant, or even remotely competent.  Therefore, they're willing to turn our economy, our health, our industry, and just about everything else to this con man and his pack of jackals. 
Read Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, which was the Obama's playbook for decades.  My side now owns copies. 

He's a human.  Just like you and just like me.  But we don't pick our noses on camera.