Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea Party Protesters Throw Eggs At Harry Reid's Bus ! We Need More Civility !

This troubled times require civility, not violence. 
What can we expect if those who are so passionate about Obamacare are misguided by all the harsh, shrill rhetoric from their leaders. 
Tea Party protesters have thrown eggs at Harry Reid's bus. 

Go to Moonbattery to read more about this unfortunate.............

........incident.  (Sorry about the sentence break.  All of this overwhelming nastiness from the Tea Party Movement, people throwing eggs at Harry Reid's bus, well, it caught me by surprise.  I passed out on the floor of Starbucks just thinking about what it could lead to, and my smelling salts and ammonia capsules were in the truck, and Starbucks employees have no idea how to revive someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Like much of the American news media, I have an unfortunate tendency to pass out from The Vapors when exposed to partisan conflicts.)

Remember, get the kids out of the room, brace yourself, and go to Moonbattery for details on the vandalism.  Will keep everyone posted when Harry holds a press conference to denounce partisan violence.

Update from Monday morning.....Once again, a commenter has been punked.  Hit the links to Moonbattery.  Hit the links.  Hit the links. 


Anonymous said...

You've got it backwards dude. From someone who was there. It was the TEA Party Express bus that had eggs pummeled at it. It's all over the news. Enough with the lies already!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

For the love of God, hit the links.
Please. Hit the links.

I believe that Harry Reid (and his mother) should be pummeled with eggs. So, please, hit the links !

Anonymous said...

You got way wrong it was the Tea Party Bus that had eggs thrown at it. I was there and was in one of the buses that was hit with the eggs...It is people like you who twist the TRUTH...Get your FACTS RIGHT...

The Whited Sepulchre said...

For the love of God, hit the links !
Follow the instructions ! READ !