Monday, May 10, 2010

How to overwhelm Uncle Sam's entitlement system

I've said numerous times that I favor the "Open Borders" concept to immigration.  If you want in the door, come on over.  It would be the best possible way to overwhelm Uncle Sam's entitlement system. 

And how can we get all those folks in here, past all the border guards, the Tortilla Curtain, and the coast guard? 

Go here. 


Anonymous said...

If you want more immigrants, just have the Feds declare a war on immigration.

Mark @ Israel said...

Lol! That's very innovative to use the concept of the trojan horse to get immigrants past the border. But that would be impossible and illegal. Yes, it could very well overwhelm Uncle Sam's entitlement system. But the lawmakers should really reassess the current policies on immigration and present solutions to immigration problems.

Charles said...

Sounds like the old Cloward Piven Strategy

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