Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who Wants "Newsweek"?

The Boston Post asked the "Who Wants Newsweek?" question in a recent article about the once-great weekly magazine being put up for sale after years of declining readership. 

Newsweek's editor, Jon Meacham, is a good writer, but he suffers from a blinding affection for The Teleprompter Jesus, along with the typical inconsistencies that go with joining that cult.  Here's a pic from the cover story that Meacham wrote shortly after the bailout scam:

Later on, Meacham managed to make light of the Tea Party bunch who claimed Obama was some kind of "Crypto-Socialist". 
Go figure.  According to Meacham's cover story, I though we all were. 

Here's the closing paragraph of the Boston Post article:

It would be a mistake to argue that Newsweek’s center-left stance and Obama worship did it in. U.S. News and World Report converted to a monthly two years ago. No one can fault Newsweek for trying a new course. But maybe the world already has a surplus of must-see analysis and opinion.

Well, I disagree.  If you give your readers a steady diet of Barackaganda, you're going to lose readers.  Lordy, if I want a center-left stance, complete with "Obama worship", I can turn on Meet The Press.


 So goodbye, Newsweek.  You got me through many a dull Study Hall at North Sunflower Academy, 1974 - 1979.  And one other thing, compliments of these folks:

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