Monday, September 6, 2010

If twice as much was a big failure, half as much should be perfect

Taking out a $100,000,000,000.00 loan (that's one hundred billion) on our Chinese credit card and then blowing it on Democrat wish-lists didn't get the U.S. economy going again. 

Giving your credit card to some of Fort Worth's East Lancaster crack whores so they could blow a lot of your money on their wish lists, well, that wouldn't get your economy going either.  It would earn you the gratitude of a few crack dealers, but it wouldn't get your economy going.  It would simply leave you with a lot of debt.  You would have the support of the crack dealers if you ran for public office, though, and that's what the Porkulus Package was all about.     

And now The Teleprompter Jesus has proposed borrowing another $50,000,000,000.00 (that's fifty billion, if you have problems with all the zeroes) to prime the Keynesian pump some more and get our economy going.  China's banks are probably delighted, but is there anyone out there who could pass a lie detector test claiming that it will get our economy going?  We're almost out of silly stuff to spend the borrowed money on. 

Hit this link to see what you owe on your Bank Of China credit card.  And remember, all of this spending is for a good cause.....

And here's what you owe to all other governments. All of this is based on you having the average U.S. household income of around $55,000.00
Your share is much higher if you are among the "more fortunate".

Please remember to keep making those minimum payments each month !  Those stimulus package signs cost $1200 each, and your government needs your support. 

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