Saturday, September 11, 2010

A warning to the Tea Party about Republicans (illustrated)

Here's Libertarian Party executive director Wes Benedict, shouting out a warning to the Tea Party movement:

".....Libertarians have much in common with Tea Party goals of reducing government spending and taxes. While many Tea Party supporters will admit that George W. Bush's administration grew government, Libertarians want to remind Tea Partiers about previous Republican administrations that loved big government.

"Republican Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America promised to eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy. Yet once Republicans took control of Congress, they failed even to reduce the spending on those departments.

Here's P.J. O'Rourke on Gingrich, the Republican Revolution, and the Contract With America:  "What a feckless, timid, timeserving [Republican] revolution that was in 1994, as if the sans culottes had stormed the Bastille to get themselves jobs as prison guards."

"Republican President George Bush, Sr. remains famous for coining the phrase 'Read my lips, no new taxes,' and then raising taxes.

"Republican President Ronald Reagan grew federal government spending to the highest level it had reached since World War II. He also 'saved Social Security' by raising payroll taxes.

Here's something from the Cato Institute about Ronald Reagan's small government philosophy.  Yeah, as I've acknowledged dozens of times, cutting taxes raised revenue.  But that does us no good if they keep spending. 

"Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was a huge supporter of taxpayer subsidies for corn and ethanol.

And Bob Dole served his state well, bringing home the corporate welfare to the ethanol millionaires.  There really isn't much else to say about him, so here he is in a Pepsi commercial with Britney Spears:

"In 1971, Republican President Richard Nixon instituted wage and price controls. That made a group of free-market supporters so angry that they decided to form the Libertarian Party.

You can go here for a brief history of that godawful little experiment.  We have since learned the best way to control inflation, thanks to Milton Friedman, with publicity by Ron Paul.  STOP PRINTING SO MUCH MONEY. 

"Republicans seem to think we're idiots. For decades they have paid lip-service to shrinking government, while consistently doing the opposite in office.

"Our fear is that Tea Partiers might say 'This time it will be different.' No it won't. If you vote for Republicans this time, it will just reinforce the message that they can lie to you and grow government with impunity.

"Current Republicans are just as bad as past Republicans.

"This year, Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan is running for U.S. Senate against Republican John McCain, who famously suspended his 2008 presidential campaign so he could rush back to Washington to bail out the banks.

Actually, it was to avoid having to make any more atrocious speeches.  But if any banks had gone under, bankers would have lost jobs and money.  This would not do. 

"Republican leader John Boehner might end up as the next House Speaker, and he voted for George W. Bush's huge 2003 Medicare expansion.

Plus, when he goes on Meet The Press, David Gregory asks him questions that he can't answer.  I mean, David Freakin' Gregory asks him simple questions about how he can cut the deficit and cut taxes at the same time.

Every Libertarian in North America screamed at the TV while watching this interview.  Look at the Reagan chart above.  Reagan cut taxes.  Revenue increased.  But you've got to stop the spending.  Cut it in half.  Or by 2/3rds. 
Godalmighty, what a monotonous robot. 

"John Cornyn, Republican senator from Texas, and current chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, voted for the TARP bailouts.

And at one point Cornyn had a campaign video showing himself proudly walking around a wind farm.  I can't find it online, but here's a pic:

Case closed. 

"Ron Paul is probably the only Republican congressman willing to point out the huge cost of America's foreign wars and empire building. Other Republicans pretend that spending trillions on the military just doesn't count as big government.

"With Social Security, Medicare, and military spending making up the vast majority of federal spending, you can't cut significantly without cutting those. But Republicans refuse to touch them.

"Libertarians welcome the Tea Party movement's focus on the problem of government growth. However, we are concerned that Tea Partiers might fall for the Republicans' trickery.

"Republican leaders have brought up distractions like New York City mosques and gay marriage to distract voters from Republicans' big-government track record. We hope that Tea Partiers will see through the smoke and mirrors.

"While our nation is declining dangerously right now, a turnaround could be straightforward and simple with Libertarian steps like these: 1. Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan; 2. Stop rewarding failed companies with bailouts; 3. Cut taxes and spending and let the free market work.

"The Libertarian Party is fielding 168 candidates for U.S. House, and 20 candidates for U.S. Senate this year. Win or lose, a vote for a Libertarian sends a clear message for smaller government and more freedom. What message does a vote for John McCain send?"

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.

The LP is America's third-largest political party, founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party stands for free markets and civil liberties. You can find more information on the Libertarian Party at our website.

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