Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wiener Dog barrel racing

Everybody needs a goal.
Some people want to save the world.
Some people want to train dachsunds to properly do a barrel race.
Mission Accomplished ! ! !


TarrantLibertyGuy said...

My miniature wiener dog used to ride on a skate board, but unlike that common bulldog, who got on Oprah - ugh... My dog could actually stand on her hind legs. Now, she's older and wiser (and I gave my skateboard to my neighbor kid) - and knows all she has to do is touch my foot with her paw... and then at my request, touch my OTHER foot. I want people to know that she can differentiate the words "OTHER FOOT". Of course it may be my intonation... but who cares. She's a very entertaining wiener dog. Who will do anything for a small piece of cheese.

Marna Kazmaier said...

Really cute video.I have just started training my dog for barrels and am hooked. I set up an elist for Barrel_Racing_Dogs love for you to join.
Marna Kazmaier