Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stop Stealing My Stuff !

From my friend, fellow Libertarian, and all-around great guy John Jay Myers.  John Jay is running for Congress in the Texas 32nd district. 

Originally the message of the Tea Party seemed clear “Less taxes and spending”. Simple enough, Right? Somehow they have gotten distracted. Very, very distracted. I know that all the Tea Parties and their participants are different, so it is not fair for me to throw them all under the bus.

So for those who are distracted, let me attempt to recapture your attention.

You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass.  When you stumble out of your bed and into the living room you find a man standing there with your TV in his arms.
Of course your first reaction is to exclaim loudly and with all of your energy “Should gays be allowed to marry?”
Wait, I am sorry, but no you don’t.  You scream “Should they build a Mosque in New York City?”
No, wait, you say “What’s your stance on abortion?”

Of course not.  You scream “Stop stealing my stuff!”

When your City Council says they are going use your money to build a hotel, or favor one small business over another, you need to scream “Stop stealing my stuff!”

When your State government declares eminent domain over your land so they can build roads, and then sell the land to a foreign company so it can put tolls on the roads you paid for, howl like a lunatic “Stop stealing my stuff!”

When your Federal government sends billions of dollars in foreign aid to other countries when our country is broke, or spends trillions on wars that benefit oil companies, or wants to put government in control of the entire health care industry, or when they take all the money out of the economy before a recession and give it to banks, or engage in preferential treatment of the car companies they just took over, then you should scream from roof tops “Stop stealing my stuff!”

Most people did not seem to notice that while they thought they were standing up for America, they were actually being corralled into voting for the exact same groups that got us into this mess. Has no one noticed that their Republican Congressman who was in power when the bail outs were passed is still in power?  Did no one notice that these same people who are now clamoring for the Tea Parties affection doubled the debt?

My point to this is simple - if 80% of the people in America believe that our government is corrupt, what is the point of dividing ourselves? As long as you are preoccupied with these other topics, you won't have time to focus on the real issues. You can argue about gay marriage, abortion and other religions after we get these people out of office so they will “Stop stealing our stuff!”

John Jay Myers is running for Congress in Texas 32nd district

He serves on the Texas Executive Committee and is the Vice-Chair for the Dallas County Libertarian Party.

Here's the video, should you need it. 

Go here to donate to John Jay's campaign.  If nothing else, go to the site and look at his position statements on personal freedom and economic freedom. 


Anonymous said...

Misspelled eminent.

Suzette Watkins said...

Love that rant by John Jay Meyers. One of the best!!

Nick Rowe said...

Amen. I agree.

It's the taxing and spending, stupids!

Stop that crime, and a lot of other nonsense will magically disappear with it. Starve the beast and let it die.