Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rahm Emmanuel - Why So Soon? (It just doesn't seem right)

From Talking Points Memo, where they are feigning confusion over why staffers are leaving the White House like rats leaving a sinking ship:

The word out tonight is that Rahm Emanuel is leaving the White House (to run for mayor of Chicago) and his departure will likely happen this week. I know people have strong feelings on both sides about Rahm. But I must say I find it somehow unseemly and almost bizarre what a rapid departure he's making.

Chief of Staff is usually considered a pinnacle job rather than a stepping stone. You do it until the president is done with you or you burn out, neither of which usually takes very long. And five weeks before an election? On very short notice? It just doesn't seem right.

--Josh Marshall

Mr. Marshall,

Rahm Emanuel has taken the suckers at the national level for all they've got.  There is now substantial opposition at the national level to any more Porkulus, Stimulus, Clunkulus or Rahmulus.
Prior to his "service" in the White House, Emanuel made $16 million dollars in just two years on Wall Street.  After that, he helped set up the implosion of Freddie Mac.  There is now substantial opposition to any more taxpayer gifts to Wall Street or Freddie Mac. 

Mayor of Chicago is one of the few opportunities that remain open to a looter of Rahm Emanuel's talents.  Despite sending more politicians/governors/mayors to jail than almost any other region, Illinois still has no serious opposition to grand scale theft.  At least not until the plunder has been thoroughly distributed to all the underlings. 

I hope this clears things up for you,

- Whited

P.S. - I'm setting the Over/Under for Rahm's first indictment at 6 years.  Do you want the Over or the Under? 


Nick Rowe said...

I agree with your assessment on Rahm. His work is finished in DC and the only jobs he would ever take now are mayor of Chicago or Governor of Illinois.

I'll take the over. He already escaped the debacles of Freddie Mac and the Senate-Sale controversy completely unscathed. It will take years before his crimes at the mayor's office will be uncovered.

kerrcarto said...

The rats are fleeing the ship. They have been exposed as the radical marxist/socialist/commies they truly are. They have to crawl back into their holes until they think we have gone back to sleep.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I don't know if anyone out there has read the business book "Who moved my cheese?"....but Emanuel's cheese has been kicked out of reach. He's going to Illinois in search of a new batch.
He's obviously read the book.