Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nancy Pelosi's district got 20% of the latest ObamaCare© Waivers !

Nancy Pelosi, who once said that "we have to pass the (ObamaCare©) bill so you can find out what's in it"....

Nancy Pelosi, whose statement that "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it" guarantees her an entry in Bartlett's Quotations....  (Remember when The Teleprompter Jesus promised to put all bills on line for five days before a vote?)

Nancy Pelosi, who made the famous ObamaCare© grand entry/victory lap walking into Congress, with her arms linked with those of civil rights legends....

Yes, THAT Nancy Pelosi....

Of the 204 most recent exemptions from ObamaCare©, 20 percent of them ARE FROM HER FREAKIN' DISTRICT !!!!

Gag me with a dirty diaper. Here's The D.C. Caller:

Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district.

That’s in addition to the 27 new waivers for health care or drug companies and the 31 new union waivers Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services approved.

Pelosi’s district secured almost 20 percent of the latest issuance of waivers nationwide, and the companies that won them didn’t have much in common with companies throughout the rest of the country that have received Obamacare waivers.

Other common waiver recipients were labor union chapters, large corporations, financial firms and local governments. But Pelosi’s district’s waivers are the first major examples of luxurious, gourmet restaurants and hotels getting a year-long pass from Obamacare.

For instance, Boboquivari’s restaurant in Pelosi’s district in San Francisco got a waiver from Obamacare. Boboquivari’s advertises $59 porterhouse steaks, $39 filet mignons and $35 crab dinners.

Then, there’s Café des Amis, which describes its eating experience as “a timeless Parisian style brasserie” which is “located on one of San Francisco’s premier shopping and strolling boulevards, Union Street,” according to the restaurant’s Web site.

“Bacchus Management Group, in partnership with Perry Butler, is bringing you that same warm, inviting feeling, with a distinctive San Francisco spin,” the Web site reads. Somehow, though, the San Francisco upper class eatery earned itself a waiver from Obamacare because it apparently cost them too much to meet the law’s first year requirements.

The reason the Obama administration says it has given out waivers is to exempt certain companies or policyholders from “annual limit requirements.” The applications for the waivers are “reviewed on a case by case basis by department officials who look at a series of factors including whether or not a premium increase is large or if a significant number of enrollees would lose access to their current plan because the coverage would not be offered in the absence of a waiver.” The waivers don’t allow a company to permanently refrain from implementing Obamacare’s stipulations, but companies can reapply for waivers annually through 2014.

If you're ever feeling queasy and can't quite puke, but really want to get it over with, hit the D.C. Caller link above and read the entire article. 

Here's Ed Morrisey, commenting on the value of ObamaCare© to politicians.  They pass a burdensome law, and then sell exemptions to it:

The odds of one Representative getting 20% of a batch of waivers from the Obama administration as a coincidence seems rather high.  Once again, we have to wonder exactly how waiver applications are judged and approved.  With its high percentage of unions and party leader constituents, this is looking more and more like a mechanism for political payoffs.

Here she is one more time, just in case you still haven't quite tossed up all yer cookies.  When Townhall Protester/Tea Party-types oppose ObamaCare©, it's because they're extremist Nazis.  If Democrats in San Francisco oppose it? 
Here's an exemption.  For the special people. 


Hot Sam said...

San Francisco already has its own health care requirement and tax on businesses. Maybe that has something to do with all the waiver requests. I think the bill was written so that if you essentially have something already like what the law requires, you can avoid it. Of course, San Fran Nan knew about San Francisco's law when she crafted this bill.

Nonetheless, I agree that it demonstrates how poorly a bill was crafted when its supporters want nothing to do with it.

Frankly, I think any member of Congress who voted for this bill should be required to get their care through the Veterans Administration for the remainder of their lives. Any member of Congress who voted for a tax increase should have to pay that tax rate.

Congress should be given free housing in Washington DC - in a public housing project.

Live under the laws you write (or would write).

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The list of unions who have gotten out from under this thing is truly astounding.
That's my favorite thing about it. All they're doing is "selling indulgences".