Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Would Willie Do?

Willie Nelson has endorsed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for president. 

GOP Presidential hopeful and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has gained the first endorsement of Willie Nelson and The Teapot Party. Known for his outspoken stance in favor of marijuana legalization, Governor Johnson was a logical choice for Willie’s “grass roots” party, now almost 68,000 strong on Facebook.

Willie supported The Teleprompter Jesus in 2008, but is probably disappointed that the hypocritical dope smoking and coke snorting dipshit hasn't done more to stop black people from being locked up in steel cages for dope smoking and coke snorting. 
Here's the great Bruce Robison, singing "What Would Willie Do?"



Dave said...

[Allen Patterson of Fort Worth, Texas, riffs on current affairs and matters concerning work and family. He also blogs more about wiener dogs than any other person I know. The only complaint… not enough wiener dog photos. With some luck, Allen will read this post and remedy this unfortunate situation.]

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for the traffic, sir ! Will post more dog pics ASAP.