Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elizabeth !! Warren !!!!! broke the color barrier at Harvard

Elizabeth !! Warren !!!!

You can hit the label at the bottom of this post to read more about the excitement, the bed-wetting ecstasy, the thrill, and the Why-Are-We-Allowed-To-Live-On-Her-Planet fawning and slobbering that surrounds Elizabeth !! Warren !!!!!

She's now running for the U.S. Senate, by God.  How long til the offers come in from Penthouse and Hustler? 

Seriously.  We're not worthy !!!!!!! 

Go here to read about a Fordham Law Review piece where Elizabeth !! Warren !!!! was described as Harvard Law's "first woman of color" !!!!!!!!

But open it in a new window, so you can have this Tim McGraw greatness playing in the background.  Crank it up for Elizabeth !!  Warren !!!!!!!!!!


Hot Sam said...

This is part of a pattern of aggrandizing people who are unexceptional.

Warren got her undergraduate degree not in finance or business, but in speech pathology.

She got her law degree and worked for years as a personal bankruptcy attorney. In other words, she was a professional helper of deadbeats.

When Congress reformed bankruptcy laws to make it more difficult to escape your debts, Warren became a political advocate merely in opposition.

How she managed to go from a backwater university to Harvard is beyond comprehension.

Then somehow, she made this leap from being considered a consumer advocate to being some expert in banking and finance.

I've learned to temper my expectations in politics. There is a fair chance that this dimwit will be elected by the dimwits in Massachusetts, and then we'll have to listen to her nonsense for years.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Well, Massachusetts needs more representation from the Native American Community.
After all, until the pilgrims showed up, it was their land. If someone claiming to be 1/32 Cherokee can get ahead of the Irish interlopers, more power to her. Even if there isn't a smidgen of proof that she's 1/32 Cherokee.
BTW, I'm starting to remember old stories about all four of my grandparents being Choctaws. My wife really is about 1/32 Chickasaw. Is that enough to get The Aggie a minority scholarship at A&M? Hmmmm....
Go Elizabeth Warren !! Stick it to Whitey !!

-The Suddenly Non-White Sepulchre

Dr Ralph said...

Hot Sam - sneering because she went from backwater university to Harvard? I swear, you sound positively elitist!

As to her earning an undergrad degree in speech path rather than finance or business, I have a BFA and MFA in drawing and painting and I'm a IT project manager for a Fortune 500 company. Ron Paul is a obstetrician and his dim-witted son is an eye doctor, and both seem to think they are well-qualified to deliver pronouncements on finance and economics.

I'm not sure I see your point, other than you don't like her because she's a liberal. I will say that, like you, I've learned to temper my expectation in politics. Living in Texas can do that to a man.

CenTexTim said...

Dr. Ralph - You imply that living in Texas has caused you to temper your expectations. I would argue that disappointment (discouragement? disgust?) with politics is a national condition, not just a Texas one.

Dr Ralph said...

CenTexTim - or as we like to say: there's a lot of that going around.