Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Penn Jillette needs to stop examining my fantasies

Penn Jillette points out the obvious about Barack Obama's War On Drugs:

What troubles me about this... I think it's beyond hypocrisy. I think it's something to do with class. A lot of people have accused Obama of class warfare, but in the wrong direction. I believe this is Obama chortling with Jimmy Fallon about lower class people. Do we believe, even for a second, that if Obama had been busted for marijuana -- under the laws that he condones -- would his life have been better? If Obama had been caught with the marijuana that he says he uses, and 'maybe a little blow'... if he had been busted under his laws, he would have done hard f*cking time. And if he had done time in prison, time in federal prison, time for his 'weed' and 'a little blow,' he would not be President of the United States of America. He would not have gone to his fancy-a** college, he would not have sold books that sold millions and millions of copies and made millions and millions of dollars, he would not have a beautiful, smart wife, he would not have a great job. He would have been in f*cking prison, and it's not a god damn joke. People who smoke marijuana must be set free. It is insane to lock people up.

Well, yeah, but let me ask you a hypothetical question.....  Knowing what you know now, if you could go back in time and catch Obama smoking weed and inhaling Booger Sugar, would you see to it that he got busted?  Think of the lives saved overseas, the benefits to the economy, no Cash For Clunkers, and on and on and on.....
We can always dream. 

Here's Jillette's interview:


JT said...

I thought of you the moment I first saw that video.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Ha !!
I thought of me too. Hope you're doing well, Jackie D.