Saturday, June 9, 2012

More from the Texas State Libertarian Convention

My buddy John Jay Myers won a 6-way race for U.S. Senate.  He'll be going up against Dewhurst or Cruz from the Republican camp. 

Patrick Dixon won a hard-fought race for State Chair.  Tom Glass is Vice-Chair.  Gary Johnson (not the presidential candidate) is Secretary.  Mike Burrus is Treasurer. 

Another buddy of mine, Peter Cox, is going to be on the State Legislative Executive Committee with me.  As my daughter would say, "He's good people to know." 

Big Daddy John Spivey will no longer be on SLEC.  He will miss the parliamentary wrangling, I'm sure. 

My Co-Tarrant folks, Mikey Coyne and Jeff Lippincott, wanted this playing in the background as you read this.  Enjoy. 

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