Sunday, November 4, 2012

I gave it my best shot, but the big one got away

Sometimes you win. 
I think the Libertarian Party is going to have its best year ever.  We've brought a lot of important issues to the attention of The Crips and The Bloods. 
It's been pleasant to see LP signs all over the place.  (I have to drive past 5 to get to work, and only one of them is from my stash !)
We've got some excellent candidates running in Tarrant county this year. 
We've made a lot of connections with gun rights groups and anti-prohibition groups.  Attendance at LP meetups has been increasing every month. 
There's been a lot of talk in the media about how the Libertarian Party might take some states away from one of the Obamneys and "give" those states to the other one, as if that matters. 

Sometimes you lose. 
I can probably point to 30 people who are voting LP for the first time because of my efforts. But dammit all to hell, sometimes the big ones get away. 

Go here. 

I tried, folks.  I really tried.  I came so close....


Dr Ralph said...

Ah, but this puts a spotlight on your lack of vision: You call it a failure because of how I voted in one race - a race where your candidate wasn't going to win anyway. Reminder: I may have voted for Barack Obama, but overall I voted for more Libertarians than Democrats, since every race where a Republican ran without a Democratic opponent, I voted Libertarian.

Sure the presidential race is more sexy, and more of an ego boost for you and the candidate, but seriously - Libertarian candidates in local races have a better chance of winning, not to mention actually affecting some change.

Build the party bottom up instead of top down by fielding even stronger candidates for these races as soon as the election is over.

Invisible Backhand said...

You have your speculatin' to fall back on.

CenTexTim said...

God help me, I agree with Dr. Ralph.

At least in terms of tactics.

Bottom up is the way to go - a la the Tea Party. Pouring resources into a doomed presidential race is wasting a tremendous opportunity.

When no one is happy with the status quo, when congressional approval ratings have sunk lower than used car salesmen's (or Ph.D.'s) then that is the time to start capturing local and regional offices - not national ones.

The Libertarian Party reminds me of the old saying that I'd cut off my nose to spite my face.

If you really want to make a difference focus on electing Libertarian county and state officials. Then build on that.

Dr Ralph said...

CenTexTim - I'm a surprisingly reasonable person once you get to know me. And not near as wild-eyed as the reputation that proceeds me.

One last comment to our friend, the WS, who has been constantly hawking Johnson's views on marijuana decriminalization. This strikes me somewhat bogus, since it's going to be state, not federal, drug laws that your average pothead is going to be charged with violating (I have some practical experience in this realm). Gary Johnson can say whatever he wants to about pot laws, but that isn't going to convince legislators in Oklahoma or Arizona to suddenly lighten up. Again, you want to change that, forget the top of the ticket and focus on the bottom.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The strategy in 2014 will be to do just that.
Try to pick a state house or senate seat, welcome all other candidates, but put all resources into that ONE election.
Then do it again and again, and again.

John Boehner wants his car washed. Go serve your masters in the state. And Rick Perry needs someone to walk his dogs.

marshall said...

looks like dr ralph and I are very nearly 'equal but opposite'. considering how polarized my beloved red state is, I voted for Johnson. I also voted lib anywhere there wasn't a democrat running against the republican.
DR, while your bottom up is the best way to go, I have to say for myself (and would bet, at least a little bit, for you as well) that the Gary Johnson campaign was a big part of what bought my vote for the libertarian candidates running for smaller offices.