Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You

Many thanks to the Libertarian Party candidates, door-knockers, sign-posters, phone-callers, Facebook-sharers, forum-attenders and other supporters !! 

This was our best year ever. 

Check out the Tarrant County Elections website when time permits.  Then head over to the Texas site.   A staggering number of Republicans and Democrats voted "straight ticket".  Even so, a lot of Dems and Independents selected our folks when there was a two-candidate race between the LP candidate and a Republican. 

We had a respectable showing in many of the 3-party races. 

If I'm disappointed in anything, it's Gary Johnson's total.  Yes, he doubled the 2008 number, but I would've put money on a 3x performance. 

But dang it, we didn't win anything. 

There's always 2014. 

1 comment:

Bob S. said...

I thought Romney had a chance of slowing things down on the national level while we work to elect LP on the local.

Can't say that I would change my vote if I had to do all over again.

I did vote mostly LP on the down ticket elections and will probably be more involved in the future.

I would like to talk to you or someone else about getting someone out to talk to our gun club -- might help increase visibility.

If you are interested and want details, email me.