Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alisa In Wonderland on Iowa and Beijing

As a public service, I try to alert everyone when Alissa In Wonderland starts typing in English instead of Hebrew.

First, check out her post about our ongoing ethanol scam. (Note to Iowa senators Tom Harkin and Charles Grassley: They've figured you out everywhere but in the United States. Great job, guys!)

Then check out what she wrote about the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing, and the trade-offs between collectivism and individualism.

I hesitate to jump into the comment fields on Alissa's posts, because the threads toggle back and forth between English and Hebrew. If English was good enough for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus, why can't these people use it? Can you imagine how difficult it would be to translate something like Genesis, Exodus, or Leviticus from English into Hebrew? Why can't they use the King's English like King David did?


Anonymous said...

I have tried to comment on Alisa's stuff but the bloody comment box goes backwards.

It makes me feel really mono-lingually ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Public service? Well, I don't know about the public, but I sure appreciate the links:-) BTW, the ethanol post was not mine, it was posted by one of my too-rarely- active co-bloggers, Rogel. Rogel is an Israeli living in the US, although not in Iowa:-)

Nick, I know about the comment box - very annoying. The thing is, I set the blog with preference towards the Hebrew readers, as I feel that they are in need of filling the gaps in the metacontext that are less prevalent within the Anglosphere.I still wish that you and the rest of the guys ignore some of the inconvenience, and other comments in an unknown language, and just comment away. Let the chips fall where they may, and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Alisa. I know enough HTML etc to have no idea how you do it.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I think that all Alisa posts should be in both languages, if not ALL English.


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