Friday, August 22, 2008

Joseph Biden is Barack Obama's pick for Vice President of The United States

Joseph Biden is Barack Obama's pick for Vice President of The United States.
I hope.

Let's look at his other options:
*The Clintons - They're too divisive. Barack ran on "Change", and these two don't represent that. These two are the only thing that could rally the Republicans. Yes, they've been vetted, but so has Mussolini.
*Al Gore - I can't see it happening. He'll be making millions cooling the earth. All the future graft from his consulting work would have to go into a blind trust.
*John Edwards - He had it all, and blew it.
*Tim Whats-his-name from Virginia - Obama needs someone with some experience and reputation to balance his lack of both. This guy makes Obama look like Henry Clay.
*Evan Bayh - Dan Quayle defeated his father (Senator Birch Bayh) in the 1981 Indiana Senate race. There's no telling what something like that can do to a family.
*Tim Pawlenty - seems like a good guy, but he's only a year older than Obama. He would bring a lot to the ticket. Oh, wait, never mind. He's on the Republican shortlist.
*Bill Richardson - another good guy, but wouldn't bring much to the ticket. Would've been a better fit with The Clintons, who now despise him.

I may have forgotten some others, but for the sake of our nation I hope it's Biden. The Mommy Party will need to prove that they have an adult in the room, and Biden can handle a debate. He's been in the Senate longer than almost anyone who still has his wits about him, he's helped with the vetting of more Supreme Court justices than anyone.
He's a good foreign affairs guy.
He once got into trouble for plagiarizing something, a vice that I regularly practice on these pages. I've liked him ever since live-blogging this debate back in October.

I hope that its Gore, just to add excitement to my life. My money's on Biden.

Update from 3:00 a.m. on Saturday. It looks like I nailed that one ! Joe Biden is the nominee. I just got the text message announcement from the Obama camp.

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