Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does Your Package Need Stimulating ???

Here's The Cato Institute on the proposed stimulus package.

The video proposes several obvious things:

1) The stimulus package is nothing more than a payoff to contributors, or a way of bribing selected voters to become Big Government Sheeple.
2) George W. Bush increased government spending at a previously unimagined rate. This failed to stimulate the economy, or anything else, except the packages of military contractors.
3) All government spending is money taken out of the "regular" economy. Therefore, it is money taken from those who will use it most efficiently, and given to those who will use it least efficiently.
4) If you need to have your package stimulated, persuade someone else to stimulate it for you. Or stimulate your package yourself. Forcing someone else to stimulate your package is just wrong.


Suzette Watkins said...

Right on!! Don't look to me for any stimulation!! You've already robbed me of all I have to give! Btw, are there any politicians that have voted NO on every single bailout package? I'd love to know who they are....as, imo, that's the only ones that should be given another term in office. Everyone else should be sent home!

Dr Ralph said...

Re: getting your "package" stimulated -- where is Fembuttx when we need her?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

For old times sake, I shall ping her until she comments.

This was your idea, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Whited, the folks on the "other Whited" page are being pretty rought on you............let's sic Dr. Ralph on'em or maybe Vamp-e, but something has to be done to stimulate a cease fire! As if steal'in your name wasn't enough! pot shot's ....REALLY!!!!!!!!!!