Monday, January 26, 2009

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

Check out the Fort Worth Renaissance site when you get a chance.
They have good general interest posts and other Town Of The Cow-related stuff.
The site has the look and feel of a Pete Wann production.

Going to Pete's site led me to Fort Worth Foodie. It's all about unhhh....Fort Worth Food. You get hungry looking at the screen.

And The Ghetto Plainsman.... one of the Fort Worthers I'd most like to meet. He's your typical African-American vegetarian fitness expert environmentalist kind of person.

Thimblethwicket - by Cynthia Shearer, a TCU writing perfesser. Check out this post about Mississippi (NOT CHICAGO, DAMMIT) blues legend Muddy Waters. She even gives a shout-out to Nicholas Lemann's brilliant but forgotten "The Promised Land", the best book ever written about the Black migration from the Mississippi Delta. And Good Lord Have Mercy, she used to be a curator at William Faulkner's house. Ms Shearer must have deep Mississippi roots, and therefore she is the best writing professor at TCU. Sign up now. I bet space is limited.

All are now blogrolled in the Fort Worth Bloggers section, and all are worthwhile.

Everybody on this planet is now typing faster than I can read. I love it.


macninja said...

I can claim no credit whatsoever for FW Renaissance. I'm merely a fan.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

My Bad.