Monday, January 26, 2009

Verbosity - An Example, and A Test

Sometimes I get long-winded.
This is because I truly believe that if you disagree with me, it's because you're not aware of all of the facts.

But I'm an amateur.

Click HERE to see the longest comment in the history of the internet. I gotta admit, I'm proud to host it. I can't even walk onto the same verbosity playing field with this guy.

I Googled some of the phrases used, and found that he (why do I just know that it's a He?) has copied the same comment onto more than 900 websites and blogs. You have to admire that kind of commitment and stamina.

While looking for a picture to illustrate this post, I discovered somthing called the Blog Verbosity Test, which should probably be taken with not a mere grain, but an extremely large shaker of salt.
They claim that my average post is 67 words in length. That's 87% fewer words than other bloggers who took the test.

Do you talk too much in your blog?

So take that, YOU and YOU.


Uncle Fester said...

Yeah, when I see a comment that long and I just cannot commit myself to read it.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I thought I blathered on, but that Anonymous guy had "Beautiful Mind"-style mania! I still posted a response to his comment.
(Note: like most things, I didn't really read it.)

Dr Ralph said...

I was not surprised to learn it had been cut and pasted in to a bazillion other blogs.

No more complaining about my long-winded and argumentative ragging. I'm a rank amateur compared to this. I'm not even sure if I agree or disagree with whatever point he(?) was so hell-bent on making...and making...and making...and...

Anonymous said...

I rather enjoy all of your "rantings"! and I read every word.......even Dr. Ralph's.

Thanks Arron

Jay@Soob said...

Wow. Mine are 88% longer than the average. Damn. A windy bastard I am at nearly 800 words per post.

Allen I think that dude thought he was shooting an email to his shrink detailing the history of virtually everything political that's ever pissed him off. Write a post on mothers and see what he says...

Dr Ralph said...

You know, if we had free mental health care in this country we probably wouldn't see as much of this sort of thing.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Doctor, we do have free mental health care in this country. But the money isn't paid out to donors or voters.
It's called "The Internet", and without it, at this point, I'd probably spend my days trying to spread peanut butter at an even depth all over the front porch.