Thursday, April 2, 2009

Child's Pay

Here's a video about the currently fashionable Loot The Children ® program.


Sew daze said...

Our children's children always have to pay for whatever government does...When I was 9 years old...
I knew I was shouldering the debt from Nixon..."I am not a crook"...I watched that on our console RCA TV

Ford, I watched him fall down airplane stairs

Carter, Good guy-but not an ineffective President

Reagan brought conservatism back to the White House, hated him...

Clinton is my boy though...He brought blow jobs back into the White House...blundered whilst he denied it...Watch South Park....They but a bomb in Hillary's Sniz. Funny Sh*t.

It is the way it was and the way that it is now. It will never change.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Well... Don't know how to follow fembuttx's presidential analysis which devolves into blowjob talk...

But there is a way to change things so the country can live for centuries more - and it will take a bloodless revolution. If Russia and China can drop Communism (just not totalitarianism)... we can stem the tide of socio-fascism-totalitarianism rising in the US.

Since I mentioned bloodless revolutions, I'm sure fembuttx will now talk about bloodless sex-acts. Or bloody sex related talk. Whited, get ready to hit delete.

BTW, I just invented the word socio-fascist-totalitarianism. (R)

Sew daze said...


Bloodless sex acts occur 3 weeks out of the month.

Bloody sex acts one week of the month.

Hence, blow jobs in the White House.

I am happy to provide clarification.