Sunday, April 12, 2009

We need a Guido Fawkes.

A couple of posts ago, I asked my online friend NickM to translate one of his British rants into American English. I couldn't understand much of it. Too much British slang, and too many Nickisms for me to make sense of.

Nick politely declined, but gave us an excellent essay on how to use humor to further one's love life. (Worth reading !)

Well, I eventually dove into Nick's original post, because when Nick becomes incomprehensible and starts speaking in Chaucer, it's usually something worthwhile and important.
The post was about a blogger calling himself Guido Fawkes. (He's in the Libertarian Blogger section to your right.)
Mr. Fawkes has somehow intercepted some nasty Labour Party emails, published them, and it just might be enough to bring down the Gordon Brown government !
Here's one of the first Samizdata pieces about the incident.

This is a bigger deal than our guys nailing Dan Rather's hide to the wall.
This might be a bigger deal than Matt Drudge ripping the lid off of Clinton/Lewinsky.


We need a Guido. Quickly.


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I know Guido quite well, even knowing him in his non-online human form. He has found a niche because he is comfortable enough off and connected enough not to be scared by a few writs every so often.

That is why he is so effective...he just doesn't give a durn. He has no political ambition, can't be bribed (he used to run acid house raves in the 80s) and has been there/done that.

In a sense he is a politicians worst freaking nightmare.

There are a few of that type in this country gearing themselves this space.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I sent Mr. Fawkes a congratulatory message on Facebook last night.

The great Guido Fawkes sent me a message back, saying.....


I've now had a brush with greatness.

I repeat....Guido Fawkes told me