Monday, September 13, 2010

John Jay Myers and a genuinely "fair" income tax proposal

My friend John Jay Myers, who is running for Congress in the Texas 32nd district (against Pete "Bailout" Sessions, BTW), sent me this epistle via Facebook. 

Listening to the news today, it seems like there is a mad rush to see who is going to cut your taxes more. The Republicans of course want to continue the Bush Tax cuts, and the Democrats have answered saying somehow they are going to cut your taxes even more.

It’s like watching a herd of clowns getting back into their little clown car.

Personally I never met a tax cut I didn’t like. Most reasonable economists agree, tax cuts should help to spur the economy.

So lets face it everyone, until the election you are going to be stuck listening to each side pander to you, as if their interest was ever YOU.

If the Republicans and the Democrats really cared about you, and invigorating the economy, they would suspend the income tax for a year. That’s right just plain let you keep your money.You know why? Because that is what they claim they are going to do with all the tax cuts any way, It just so happens.... it never happens.

So right now, while they are all in the spirit of giving, while they all seem to agree that tax cuts are good, let’s see them all man up and put a tax cut on the table that would really help you. AND DO IT RIGHT NOW! Let’s see them, suspend the income tax for 1 year. Starting NOW.

I have to intervene here.  According to Ron Paul, we could totally eliminate the income tax and still fund our Federal Government at late 1990's levels.  But that would reward the wealthy more than it rewards the poor (who pay no income tax at all).  Because of our inability to square this particular circle, we will always have an income tax

You should understand that they were perfectly willing to give to the banks much more of your money than this.... oh, but you are not a bank. I forgot, you are just that little guy they keep stepping on.

I am at the point where I no longer want to hear about tax cuts, not unless they want to talk about what got us here in the first place, they have to stop spending money.They are never specific about what they would stop spending money on, because they are addicts, because that is how they feed the people that pay their bills, the lobbyists, when it comes to spending these guys spend all day trying to figure out how to get your money into their friends' pockets. When they print money to get more of it to spend; as they have to when cutting taxes, the money in your bank account or pocket loses its value, thus creating the worst tax of all, inflation. A tax that truly devastates the poor and middle class.

It’s easy to recklessly endorse any tax cut on the table, but to not pair it with drastic cuts in spending shows that these people do not care about you or the future of this country.

~John Jay Myers is running for Congress in Texas 32nd District against Pete “Bail Out” Sessions.

He would appreciate all the support he can get at

He is also on the Texas Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party and the Vice-Chair for Dallas County.

The picture of Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, & Co. getting out of their clown car came from here. 


Anonymous said...

I was waiting to see where the other half would come in, i.e. cut SPENDING.
I would be willing to forego a tax cut on the ONE CONDITION that the government (such a dirty word -- where's my soap to wash out my mouth) cut ALL SPENDING, and ALL AGENCIES, ACROSS THE BOARD, by at LEAST HALF.
And that's just for the first two years.

But I may as well go back to sleep, for that's all that is, is a dream. Until we, the people, rise up on our hind legs and revolt against this Gubbment Leviathan.

B Woodman

wv: moronest (no kidding!)-- What the President is.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

One of my favorite songs from Roger Miller's "Big River". This is John Goodman doing "Dadgum Guv'ment".
Dunno why I thought of this.

justino said...

I read the headline and thought JJM had turned into a Georgist.