Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Wake Up America Tea Party ! Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth TX

The first Tea Party event in Fort Worth was a somewhat impromptu happening behind one of my favorirte watering holes, The Cowtown Bar & Grill.  There may have been 150 people there. 

That was then, this is now.  We've moved on to the Fort Worth Convention Center.  I don't think the first Tea Party even had a stage.  There was just a microphone on loan from the country-rock band who started the thing. 
The presentation has gotten more professional, while my photography skills have remained the same:
Here's Tarrant County Libertarian Party chair John Spivey, helping our LP candidate for Texas governor, Kathie Glass, convert a few Tea Partiers.

And we have the usual Temple Courtyard full of T-shirt vendors.  These folks had the best selection, my favorite being "Capitalism" in the Coca-Cola logo. 

This is me with The Statue Of Liberty.

A T-Shirt that gets straight to the point....

Here's Dallas Congressional candidate John Jay Myers, trying to convert Mike Coyne into someone who will purchase a T-shirt (John Jay eventually gave us all a freebie).

This guy, Princeton Benson, is affiliated with GAME CHAINgers (more on them later).  They're an African-American conservative group affiliated with Pastor Stephen Broden.  Everyone at this booth has been working out a lot more than I have. 

And this made me happier than an old hog in new slop.  I had heard this guy, Gregory Parker, on a local radio show a few weeks back.  He's written a book called "Global Warming...Really?" 

It's not every day that one has the opportunity to meet a published skeptic.

I now have a signed copy.  Will post about it soon. 
That's all for now.  Gonna go inside the convention center and listen to the rants.  Hit "Next Post" below to learn more about the Wake Up America/Tea Party Rally. 
Lordy, I love these things. 

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