Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lisa Murkowski - "Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now"

Senator Lisa Murkowski (Exxon - R), having failed to get the Republican nomination or the Libertarian nomination, is making one last appeal to her base:

Less than an hour before Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski planned to announce a write-in campaign to retain her seat, her top aide e-mailed scores of the most prominent lobbyists in Washington to ask them to join a Saturday conference call with the senator.

The emails went to another segment of her supporters that couldn't be ignored:

Karen Knutson, Murkowski’s chief of staff, emailed scores of top lobbyists in town and employees at some of the largest oil companies – including Chevron, Conoco Phillips and Marathon Oil – to ask them to join the senator on a conference call Saturday, according to a copy of the e-mail and a recipient list obtained by POLITICO.

Here's B.B. King doing "Baby, You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now"

The magazine cover came from here. 

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