Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wake Up America / Tea Party Rally - Tarrant County Convention Center - Mark Davis, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Ann Coulter

I'm trying to LiveBlog the Wake Up America / Tea Party Rally in Fort Worth.  It's requiring everything I learned in Coalla King's typing class in North Sunflower Academy in 1978.  Hit "previous post" and "next post" at the bottom to get some context. 

Radio personality Mark Davis is onstage, and he just asked the crowd if they think Christine O'Donnell can win in Delaware in November. 

The crowd thinks O'Donnell can win.  They're pretty loud about it. 
I'm not a huge Mark Davis fan, but he's doing a good job today.  The Tea Party has been branded as "intolerant" by the powers that be.  He's taking that falsehood and running with it. 

Davis is intolerant of Republicans who don't get it, that we're tired of the spending. 
He's intolerant of one-party rule. 
He's intolerant of this, that, and the other. 
It's a good riff, and a good speech so far. 

Davis just mentioned Harry Reid.  Taking God out of the schools doesn't get the boos that Harry just got. 


Next onstage is Pastor Stephen Broden, the guy who just might send Obama's Scholarship Czar Eddie Bernice Johnson to a less profitable job of ripping you off at airport concessions.  I'm just going to sit back and listen to this man talk.  Maybe there will be a video from this event.  In the meantime, enjoy this:

Pastor Broden is laying out one of the best cases for Constitutional government that I've ever heard, and he's contrasting Constitutional government with the antics of the current den of thieves in Washington. 

Broden is winding it down with a great line...."We will no longer be governed by political correctness.  We are not going to be P.C., we will be C.C.    We are going to be Constitutionally correct."

He's getting standing-O's any time he wants to get one.  This man is a brilliant speaker. 

He just called Barack Obama a Bolshevik.  (Tea Party goers and Tea Party speakers have been called racist so many times that they take it easy on poor ol' Barack.  The speakers who came before Broden have taken a few shots at Obama, but they didn't get much applause.  It wouldn't look good.  Stephen Broden just innoculated us against charges of racism, and we can applaud his line about Barack The Bolshevik.)

Now he's got us all chanting PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK, AND WHEN WE DO, WE WILL WIN ! ! ! !

Note to whoever his Twittering and Twixting my accounts of this event - Thanks ! 

Ann Coulter is next, and is the final speaker.

She's starting off with a few minutes of stand-up comedy, most of which is pretty good.  "Under ObamaCare, you have to purchase insurance.  If you don't buy insurance, you have to pay a fine.  If you don't pay the fine, you can go to jail.  I believe this is know as The Public Option". 

"Our government won't allow medical insurance to be sold across state lines.  They can't keep a Mexican Nationals out of Laredo, but they can keep a State Farm agent out of Louisiana."

Note to Ann Coulter from The Whited Mama: I like you on TV, but stop brushing your hair out of your eyes.

Coulter on Obama's European Apology Tours:  "Barack Obama just beat Tiger Woods' one day record of saying 'I'm sorry" by a mixed race male."

I THINK Coulter might be the first speaker to mention the Ground Zero Mosque, and it gets a lot of boos.  (I've been in and out a lot.) 
She pointed out that the lowest unemployment rate during the Obama presidency was the day he became president.  I haven't thought about it that way before....

Coulter proposed 10 rules for the future:
1) Allow insurance to be sold across state lines
2) Build a 10 foot moat filled with alligators across every inch of the American border
3) Outlaw any TV show with word "Kardashian"
4) Cut income taxes
5) Cut property taxes
6) Cut the power to Obama's teleprompter
7) Rescind any stimulus spending
8) Rescind any bailout spending
9) Rescind Joe Biden's membership in Hair Club For Men
10) Make Scott Brown pose nude in Cosmo again

Well, that's the end of it.  It's been fun.  It's been a typing challenge.  The speakers are all coming back on stage while one of the singers does "God Bless America", but most of the crowd is headed for the exits.  They have been fed.  Fed on good, wholesome American red meat. 

My friend Adrian Murray works his rear end off making these events happen.  If you gotta buy a wiring harness, get it from Painless Performance Products.  Adrian appreciates your support. 

If you gotta vote, vote Libertarian ! !

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