Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Wake Up America Tea Party ! Part 3 ! Kathie Glass vs Larry Kilgore

I'm frantically pounding all this into my laptop from the Wake Up America Tea Party in Fort Worth. 

During Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass's speech, someone rushed the stage.  I couldn't tell what was going on, but the police quickly got him out of the building. 
It turns out that he was trying to do something to the U.S. flag. 

Flash back a couple of months to our Libertarian meetup welcoming Kathie to Fort Worth.  A guy named Larry Kilgore got into a yelling match with Kathie about the option of seceding from the United States.....

Here's a video of Larry Kilgore expressing his worldview.....

That first 15 seconds gets you, doesn't it?
Kilgore is supposedly a military veteran. But he hates the U.S. flag, and the fact that it flies anywhere over Texas.
Why he picks Kathie Glass speeches as a backdrop for his protests is a mystery. 

I'll tell you this much....put Larry Kilgore in a steel cage deathmatch with Kathie Glass?  My money is on Kathie.
This could be an interesting feud. 

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Larry Kilgore said...

Kathie has many wonderful ideas about state sovereignty. I wish she would entertain the idea of secession like so many of my Libertarian friends have.
Larry Kilgore

texanliberty said...

Did anyone happen to see that Kathie Glass has signed the Tea Party Patriots pledge? She has a tough fight ahead of her but she has our momentum behind her - I hope you'll join me in telling your friends about Kathie Glass and her plans to restore fiscal responsibility any true conservative values to Texas.

Additionally, if you're interested in throwing some real weight behind Kathie, please take a second to sign this petition asking Debra Medina to endorse her: