Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Dependence Day ! !

It's the day before Independence Day, boys and girls ! 

We're going to start celebrating something called Dependence Day every July 3rd.  Dependence Day will celebrate Nanny State over-reach and those who love it. 

So if you think New York's menu-labeling law is a good idea, this day is for you.  After all, how else will you ever learn that deep-fried butter might be harmful? 

Do you believe that it should be illegal to give women free access to bars and clubs while making men pay a cover charge?  James Kirkpatrick of the state of Minnesota has put on his cavalry uniform and come to your rescue.  Happy Dependence Day, you helpless Cheeseheads. 

If you're offended by the plotline of Eric Carle's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and don't see anything funny about the sticker shown on the cover below, well, Happy Dependence Day.  There is a concerned group out there, ready to say that your beer gut isn't your fault. 

If you feel better knowing that our government is thinking of imposing a sin tax on soda (soda is the same thing as "pop" in New England and "Coke" in the Deep South) despite paying billions to corn farmers in subsidies to keep the price of corn syrup low?  Well, if you think that government knows what's best for Coca-Cola drinkers and for corn farmers, this holiday is for you.  Happy Freakin' Dependence Day !!

Do you believe that florists should be licensed to keep out competitors, to ensure that all floral arrangements are safe and tasteful?  Congratulations.  You're saving and creating government regulatory jobs that couldn't exist without your dumb ass.  Happy Dependence Day ! ! 

If you think The Beatles should've been more careful, then I hope you have a great July 3rd. 

If you believe that interns shouldn't be allowed to work for free, just to gain valuable experience, then Happy Dependence Day to you.  You may have killed one of the best career entry catapults ever devised. 

If you feel more comfortable when your toast has a warning, HAPPY DEPENDENCE DAY ! 

Most of the pictures from this post came from this discussion board.  Blogger advisory: Many of the topics discussed are possibly offensive to women, nanny-state advocates, the differently abled, racial minorities, men, people who tend to slip on wet floors, white folks, left-handed people, and those who think of themselves as average.  Discretion is advised.  TheWhitedSepulchre.Blogspot.Com is not responsible for injuries sustained, or damages to the self-esteem of those hitting the link, which is provided as a courtesy, not as a recommendation.  The opinions presented there are not those of TheWhitedSepulchre.Blogspot.Com or its employees.  In fact, the government should probably shut the thing down to avoid possible offense or injury.