Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Heliocentric Heresy - Struck Down ! ! !

Forget about the Godless Evolutionists. They're mostly a bunch of harmless drudges in white lab coats.
Don't worry about the Secular Humanists, those pointy-headed academic villains of a few years back.
The real threat to humanity? The Copernicans.
Yes, the Copernicans. Those misguided souls who believe that the earth moves around the sun.

You can learn about the Copernicans at the "Non-Moving Earth & Anti-Evolution Webpage" of The Fair Education Foundation, Inc.

The people at The Fair Education Foundation bring up some good points. If all biblical texts are valid, inspired, and infallible, then somebody has some explaining to do. Look at this listing of 67 biblical references to the movement of the sun. Here are a few:

Genesis 15:12...... "...and when the sun was going down..."

Joshua 10:12.. "...Sun, stand thou still upon Gideon...."

Psalms 19:6.... "...the sun goes forth in a circle from one end of heaven to the other...."

Matthew 5:45.... "...for He maketh His sun to rise...."

Here's a great example of how the bible gramatically and semantically (his words, not mine) denies Copernicanism:

Both Heliocentrists (those who believe the sun is the center of our solar system) and Geocentrists (those who accept the biblical truth of an earth-centered universe) agree that the moon is moving around the earth. No argument on that. Then we see that the Scripture says that Joshua commanded not only the sun but ALSO THE MOON to stop, and that both obeyed the command. He commanded both of them at the same time in the same breath in the same sentence to stop their motion. He obviously accepted as fact that the moon he was speaking to was a moon that was moving. Since, therefore, he addressed both sun and moon together in his command, it is a grammatical imperative that when he commanded a moving moon to stand still, he was ALSO commanding a moving sun to stand still.

How can you argue with that? I love this guy.
Let's close with this link, which includes an account of all the popes who have both condemned and embraced Copernicanism. It explains why all strategic attacks on Creationism and Geocentrism must be met with a rapid, harsh, and yet scholarly response:

This (Satanic) strategy and this strategy alone is the one capable of wrecking belief in the Bible. After all, the Origin of the universe, the earth, and all life forms constitutes the most rudimentary basis of all knowledge that there is. If people can be convinced that the Bible is wrong on its account of the Origins of everything, and that they have been superstitious dupes for believing otherwise, a moron can see that the virgin birth, resurrection, heaven...would soon be viewed the same way. No two ways about it, the Creation Account was the place for the Devil to strike. If trust in the Bible could be derailed on its Creation Account, trust in all the rest of the Bible would follow as night follows day. And as temporary "god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4) that is precisely where Satan struck.
Think about it. If you lose your faith in an earth-centered universe, can a loss of faith in , say, infant damnation be very far behind?

Book cover pic came from here, a site that I'm saving for another day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg on taxes

Here's Whoopi Goldberg on her taxes:

She goes off on a rant about being overtaxed, nickeled and dimed on her phone bill. Some of her co-hosts then praise the 50% tax rates in Denmark. You can read the entire transcript here.

Whoopi Goldberg has been criticized in a few places for making lots of money and then griping about paying higher taxes.
I support her 100%, and hope that her tribe increases.
But I do have a problem with a few of Whoopi's opening statements, mostly the preliminary sugar coating she tried to put on her anti-tax rant:

Well, I’ll tell you, I don’t mind paying taxes because I know I make a lot of dough and you want to give some.

I give some. I wish I could give more. But what Whoopi is talking about is NOT giving. It's called taxation. It's taking money from Whoopi, by force, so other people can spend it on their pet projects.
"Giving" is the relationship you have to your favorite charity, a neighbor in trouble, your church or synagogue, or the Chinese Democracy Fund.
I'll bet dollars to donuts that Whoopi Goldberg has a tax accountant. So do her high-tax advocating, Denmark-loving hosts on "The View". The accoutant's job is to ensure that Whoopi gets to hang onto as many of her hard-earned dollars as possible. "Giving" be damned.

Okay? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the way it’s supposed to be because if you have you want to give.

But when someone dies and leaves a will giving all his money to the Federal Government, it makes the news.
Because we know that the deceased was probably out of his freakin' mind. People don't voluntarily give their money to the government.

One of Tarrant Liberty Guy's favorite arguments goes like this..... Say you won a lottery, and wanted to help humanity. To which charities would you donate? How far down the list would you have to go before considering The Department Of Health And Human Services ?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Because Wal-Mart Gift Certificates Would've Seemed Tacky

I haven't been keeping up with She Whose Name Is Not Spoken. Turns out that she's been in Russia.
David Cloud, writing for Politico.

After promising to “push the reset button” on relations with Moscow, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton planned to present Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a light-hearted gift at their talks here Friday night to symbolize the Obama administration’s desire for a new beginning in the relationship.

It didn’t quite work out as she planned.

She handed him a palm-sized box wrapped with a bow. Lavrov opened it and pulled out the gift—a red plastic button on a black base with a Russian word “peregruzka” printed on top.

“We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?” Clinton said as reporters, allowed in to observe the first few minutes of the meeting, watched.

“You got it wrong,” Lavrov said, to Clinton’s clear surprise.

Instead of "reset," he said the word on the box meant “overcharge.”

Oh well, it's only the freakin' State Department. They shouldn't be expected to have any staff members who speak Russian.

There was another exchange of gifts going down....
This gift swap was between President Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Brown.... gave the president and his children several uniquely historical gifts.
The first of which is a pen holder fashioned from the oak timber of HMS Gannet, a Navy vessel that served on anti-slavery missions off Africa.
Another treasure given to Obama is a framed commissioning paper for the HMS Resolute, a Royal Navy ship that came to symbolize British-American goodwill when it was rescued by the U.S. from icebergs and given to Queen Victoria. It is the sister ship of the HMS Gannet.
Finally, Brown gave Obama a first edition of Martin Gilbert's seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill, whose World War II partnership with President Franklin Roosevelt symbolized the U.S.-Anglo alliance.
For Sasha and Malia, Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife, gave each an outfit from Topshop, a British chain of clothing stores, and selected six children's books by British authors which have yet to be published in the U.S.

Lordy, that's impressive. The Martin Gilbert 1st editions are to kill for, BTW. And what did we give the British Prime Minister?

President Obama on Thursday gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of 25 classic American movies to mark his historic visit to the White House.
Brown, the first European leader to visit Obama since his Jan. 20 inauguration, was presented with a "special collector's box" of DVDs during his two-day visit to Washington.
Downing Street, which reportedly tried to keep the present a secret, declined to say what movies were included in the set.
One reason for the secrecy might be that the gift seems markedly less generous and thoughtful than the presents taken to Washington by the Prime Minister," London's Evening Standard newspaper reported.

Well, yeah. Imagine giving someone a desk set whittled out of a legendary ship, and getting a copy of E.T. in return.

The Daily Mail, however, reported the movie set included ET, Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz and was produced by the American Film Institute on "special request" from the White House.

Produced by "special request" ? Horsecrap. I bet they sent an intern to pick them up at a Sam's Club.

Anyway, these are the people who want to take over medicine, the banks, more of education, Wall Street, GM, and the weather.

I'm sure they'll get it right.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Debt Star - Demotivational Poster

Liberty For All

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground." - Frederick Douglass.

From R. Lee Wright's Facebook page. Here's a link to Mr. Wright's website, Liberty For All, now blogrolled to your right. Mr. Wright plows it nicely.

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Awkward Conversation With The National Maitre D'

Excuse me, sir.... May I have a word with you in private? This will only take a moment.
Did you enjoy your Sesame-crusted Tarp? Truly an excellent choice, and one of my favorites.

I apologize for taking you away from your guests. They seem to be having a grand time.

Shortly after some members of your party, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney I believe, ordered the first round of blackened stimuli garnished with hand-foraged collards for $152 billion, I took the liberty of running your card through our system, strictly as a matter of policy.
Your card was declined, but you've been such a good customer for so many years, I assumed that our computer was at fault.

So when your guests ordered the bottomless housing appetizer package of possum medallions with juice au jus drizzled over pulverized McCain nuts for $345 billion, the card was once again declined.
I'm told that you are over your limit.

In the meantime, to avoid any embarrassment, the staff agreed to bring Mr. Paulson his Wall Street bailout of dehydrated mineral water de Pelosi (with a bearish overtone and a hint of knotty pine) at $700 billion. We ran your credit card through our system once again, and I apologize for mentioning this, but I must now ask if you have any other means of payment.

You see, Mr. Geithner just ordered a newly-minted Federal Reserve guarantee d'fault (from Peking) for $4 trillion and, to be frank, Mr. Geithner is well known for avoiding his share of payments. May I be so bold as to suggest a separate check for Mr. Geithner?

Mr. Obama's behavior has been puzzling. On Thursday night he called in his order for a pork-stuffed stimulus with 8,600 sesame infused earmarks and insisted on a small partial delivery to your table by Friday.

He insisted that no one be allowed to read his order prior to delivery.

We don't understand the need for such haste when the majority of his entree won't be delivered until 2010 and 2011. Pork-stuffed stimulus often goes bad between election cycles, and our menu clearly states that we cannot be responsible for the appearance of this entree in the cold, harsh, light of day.

Is it possible for you to pay cash? Or should I bring everyone an individual check?

D.L. Hughley and Ron Paul

Here's D.L. Hughley and Ron Paul mixing it up.
Hughley repeatedly claims that Congressman Paul makes too much sense to be a Republican.
Heck, Michael Jackson now makes too much sense to be a Republican but most folks are too polite to point that out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Big Blue Hand

Here's an old propaganda film from the late 1940's (?)
A lot of it seems timely. Especially the Big Blue Hand Of The State.

HT to (ahem...) The Gay Patriot.

Global Warming - I was wrong

Sometimes I get it all wrong. And on Global Warming, I've been wrong.

Half the the U.S. just had its mildest winter in years, with no sign of snow in many Northern states.
Most of the Great Lakes were ice-free this year.
Not a single Canadian province had a white Christmas.
There is a new study discussing a mysterious surge in global temperatures - a warming trend more intense than computer models have predicted.
Some scientists recently admitted that, because of a bug in satellite sensors, they have overestimated the extent of Arctic sea ice.

Oh....wait....never mind. The exact opposite of that has been happening.
It's been colder than a well-digger's ass.
I take it all back.

Most of this info came from Jeff Jacoby's article on "Where's Global Warming". Great stuff. Here's my favorite paragraph:

If all that (warming instead of cooling) were happening on the climate-change front, do you think you'd be hearing about it on the news? Seeing it on Page 1 of your daily paper? Would politicians be exclaiming that global warming was even more of a crisis than they'd thought? Would environmentalists be skewering global-warming "deniers" for clinging to their skepticism despite the growing case against it?

Dang right, you'd be hearing about it on the news. But the news and my daily paper aren't about reality, or climate, or anything that can be measured with a thermometer.
This is a power grab.
Please get that into your heads.
Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change has nothing to do with the weather, and everything to do with control.

Moving on, if you can read this without laughing, you probably have stock in Kleiner Perkins.

A Global Warming protest was almost cancelled because of snow. Here is the official protest website. You've got to go there. You must go there for the pictures of people freezing while protesting the heat. Haven't they heard of irony? Shouldn't they be just a tad embarrassed?

Nahhh. They have God and Gore on their side.

They chanted slogans like "Who is hot in here / There's too much carbon in the air" while huddling against the windchill.