Saturday, October 15, 2011

You MIGHT Be A Fleabagger....

I've been kinda busy and haven't had time to comment on the Occupy Wall Street groups, and that has been frustrating.  As far as rationality goes, these characters make the occasionally confused "Keep Government Out Of My Medicare" Tea Partyers look like Mr. Spock.

Yeah, there's some bad stuff going on, and Washington is stealing from the middle to protect the top.  So why aren't they protesting in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C.?
Good Lord in heaven, what a crew.  Anarchists for Big Government.  Privileged Ivy Leaguers rioting for free tuition, supplied by working plumbers, retailers and electricians. An uprising against theft, but with nary a word spoken about the thieves in Washington who do the stealing.  And they have to pay Mexicans to show up to protest !!!   This is not the diversity we were promised !!!!

I mean, these children do know who Wall Street supported in the last presidential election, right?

And they do know who has given Wall Street its money's worth in bailouts and handouts, right?


For those who are interested, here's a sampling from the rolling Twitter Feed at #YouMightBeAFleabagger.  Constantly updated, of course, so hit this link.   

If you think everybody should have a job, as long as nobody gets rich enough to hire anyone, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think the only reason you aren't receiving a government handout is because of those "Zionist bankers". #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you hid your North Face jacket in the back of your Prius & bought a ragged Hoodie at Goodwill to protest in #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think sleeping in a park really changes the world #YouMightBeAFleabagger

#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you protest for "justice" at the same time you demand other people's money.

If you think that only 1% of the population should carry the other 99% #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think government corruptly hands taxpayer money to preferred corporations, and the answer is more government, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think the 90% unemployment rate amongst post-modern, bi-sexual haiku majors was caused by Goldman Sachs #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think the immigrant guy who owns the convenience store should pay for your interpretive dance studies, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

#YouMightBeAFleabagger if U blame Jooooooooooos instead of Dodd/Frank Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

If you're paying $50k/year for a college degree that will qualify you for a $20k/year job, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If your idea of a "good time" is spitting on women Coast Guard officers... #YouMightBeAFleabagger #fb

* If you enjoy the smell of destitution in the morning and want the rest of the world to embrace it as well... #YouMightBeAFleabagger *

#YouMightBeAFleabagger if your Messiah Obama raised the most money evah from Wall Street donors.

If you think Obama is part of the problem...but you're probably going to vote for him anyway #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If your Mom urges you go out and protest so she can have a chance to clean the basement #YouMightBeAFleabagger

#YouMightBeAFleabagger if you say you are for the environment and then trash and defecate in parks.
38 minutes ago »

If you use the iPhone 4 your parents gave you to send anti-corporate tweets from the park you've turned into a dump, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you think you're cleaning up Wall Street by taking a dump in the middle of it, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you hate Nestle Corp but plead for hot chocolate on #needsoftheoccupiers, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

If you hate cops but love IRS agents, #YouMightBeAFleabagger

And in closing, if you can watch this tragedy without laughing, you have a heart of stone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More stunts from the people who can't deliver the mail.....

The great Radley Balko has devoted a significant part of his life to freeing wrongly convicted prisoners. 
Here's his latest cause:

Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner is set to be executed on November 9.

I wrote about Skinner for Slate last year. While the Troy Davis execution was awful because there were significant doubts about Davis’ guilt, and the Willingham execution because there has since been an overwhelming consensus among forensic arson experts that he was convicted with junk science, the outrage in Skinner’s case exceeds both—and that’s despite the fact that Skinner may well be guilty.

Skinner (who has already come within an hour of execution) is about to be executed despite the fact that there is testable DNA from the murder weapon, the rape kit, hairs one of the victims was found clutching, and a jacket left at the crime scene similar to one worn by another possible suspect, all of which has yet to be tested.

And it’s even worse than that. The state started testing on the hairs a decade ago. When preliminary mitochondrial testing came back negative as a match to either Skinner or the victim, the state just decided to stop further testing....

....I have no idea if Hank Skinner is guilty. Neither does the state of Texas. The difference is that I and anyone with a lick of conscience would prefer we find out before the man is put to death.

Seems that Texas officials would just rather not know.

Monday, October 10, 2011

For all the kids with the cool Che Guevara t-shirts

For all the kids who think that wearing mass-murderer t-shirts are cool:

Go here to read more about Che's body count. 

The Occupy Wall Street protest song

I don't care which side of the Wall Street protest divide you're on, this is funny.
It's from the geniuses at Reason magazine. 

Come gather round people
come and join your hands
we're taking Wall Street
and we're making demands
and we're heeding the call
and we're crying for help
only 1% of us have wealth

but first we need posters
we need to make signs
but to do so it seems
that we need some supplies

We need poster board
I can't make it myself
but it's 10 cents a sheet
at the store it's on sale
an example of economies of scale
it's so evil

They're saying that freedom
has done little to stop
Corporations from keeping
the wealth at the top
But at what point in history
would a kid and a king
both have clean water to drink?

George Washington was
the richest man of his age
But he lost all his teeth
at a very young age
Because they didn't have Scope
and they all crapped in trays
we're not wealthy?

now there's fountains on streets
from which clean water pours
Four dollar generics
at all big box stores
a sultan and student
both have iPhone 4s
it's not fair

Come gather young people
come on everyone
and I'll tell you a tale
of a fortunate son

He's born in a country
and given vaccine
and rendered immune
to all kinds of disease
the Kardashians are on
all his TVs
it's not perfect

Banks don't need bailouts
on that we agree
so let's start up a group
and let's take to the streets
because if we do that then
you know what that means
we're racist.