Sunday, October 7, 2007

Congratulations Al Gore, Winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations Al Gore, Winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.
Mr. Gore was awarded the prize for his consciousness-raising environmental work.

Mr. Gore recently won an Academy Award for the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth".

He served as Vice-President of The United States under President Bill Clinton, winner of a Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album for the recording of his autobiography "My Life".
(Through a remarkable coincidence, Mr. Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton, also won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for her recording of "It Takes A Village".)

Some have complained that all major awards are becoming overly politicized, and that proper ideology is beginning to outweigh quality. Las Vegas bookmakers will no longer accept wagers in contests featuring prominent Democrats, stating that the events are now "non-competitive".

I have tried and failed to reach Jimmy Carter, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner, for his comments on this issue.

I will be taking some vacation time during the middle of October when the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize will be formally announced to the rest of the world (i.e. - those who don't think it's a ideological, predictable farce), and wanted to get this post onto the website ahead of time.

P.S. - The 1994 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Yasser Arafat, was also unavailable for comment.

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