Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John Hagee, Jews, Hitler, Zionism, Theodor Herzl, Israel, and The Holocaust are now a bigger problem than Jeremiah Wright

Here's Pastor John Hagee, holding forth on what the prophet Ezekiel had to say about Hitler, the Jews, Zionism, Theodor Herzl, the birth of modern Israel, and the Holocaust.
McCain formally accepted Hagee's endorsement a few months ago.
My previous Youtube post on Hagee dealt with one of his discourses on Roman Catholics, and Catholicism essentially being the "Whore of Babylon" referenced in The Book of Revelation.
There must be something floating around out there where he attacks Hindus, because people keep putting "Hagee" and "Hindus" in the search field for this blog.

Hagee, in the video below, states that the Jews have "dead souls".

For betting purposes, I'm setting the over/under for McCain formally repudiating this guy at Saturday, May 24th, at 12 noon.
If you pick the "over" that means you think McCain will throw Hagee under the bus sometime AFTER lunchtime on Saturday. If you take the "under", that means McCain will distance himself from Hagee BEFORE lunchtime on Saturday.
If the Archangel Michael appears in The Promised Land riding a three-headed horse and blowing a trumpet, followed by four additional horsemen named War, Pestilence, Death, and Famine, then all bets are off, and no wagers will be paid.


Dr Ralph said...

My vote: over--definitely over.

McCain won't throw Hagee under the bus until after the last Democratic Primary.

Why should he? He's got a free pass while the scrutiny of the news media is focused on Hillary and Barack.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

As always, I am truly honored to have you on these pages.
However, I believe The Hillary Deathwatch is becoming tiresome, and we are a novelty-loving people.
Therefore, I'm taking the under.

Dr Ralph said...

I bow to your superior understanding of the national mindset -- I just saw where Hagee is even now under the wheels of the bus.

Damn, that was quick.

To your point, now that Hillary has moved to the "acceptance" stage of grieving the death of her campaign, she's toned down the rhetoric, and the Body Politic has become bored with her.

Back to American Idol reruns.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Here's the CNN article on the endorsement being volleyed back over the net to Hagee....

zbethwalker said...

Dr. Ralph said it all.
I had barely read your post when I read online that Hagee was under the bus.
As usual, Mr. W.S. I love your metaphors. Hillary's death watch

Anonymous said...

Not only did McCain accept his support previously, he actively courted him for it (and was then rightly pilloried by the same evangelicals he had previously been trying to suck up to with the endorsement in the first place). Making this a particularly ridiculous footnote in political history.