Thursday, December 12, 2013

Does anyone know anything at all about the new proposed budget?

Something has happened in the U.S. House Of Representatives but I have no idea what it is.  Most commentators are acting as if the lion has gotten cozy with the lamb.  I haven't seen anything like it since Jimmy Carter got Begin and Sadat to hang out at Camp David for a few weekends. 

It has something to do with the House agreeing on a possible budget deal, but no one is mentioning the most important thing about a budget.  If you read this within a couple of days after December 12th, check out Memeorandum for some typical articles.  None of them will tell you the most important thing about the budget. 

I'm afraid that people are going to start "reaching across the aisle" and "getting something done". 

"Tea Party groups have been marginalized."  That phrase is showing up a lot. 

Nancy Pelosi has said that they should "embrace the suck".  Whatever that means.  Something about restoring $20 billion in defense cuts.  As if we need more defending. 

The New York Holy Times has no important details about the proposed budget. 

CNN has no details.  But economic conservatives have experienced "diminished influence".   

Everyone in the mainstream media is typing their asses off about this budget, but no one has written the most important thing. 

How much further are they going to put you in debt? 

All the rest is noise....


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Anonymous said...

how many years has it been since the Senate passed a budget?